Subject: Returns for non-deposit or delayed deferred deposits under National Pension System during 2004-12

Undersigned is directed to draw attention to the directions issued by the Controller General of Accounts, Finance Ministry, Department of Director
Under the expenditure, to streamline the contribution under contribution on Om No.1 (7) / 2003 / TA / Part file / 279, dated 02.09.2008.
The National Pension System (NPS) through PAO / CDDO and NCDs provides a detailed procedure for NPS contribution in the NPS Trustee Bank, to ensure that the contribution is given to the NPS regulator. Delayed system according to delayed timeline without delay

2. Based on the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission’s recommendations and the recommendations of the Secretaries Committee, the recommendation of the resolution of 1-2 / 2016, as per the government’s decision incorporating Resolution 15 of the resolution of this section. – IC DT. 25.7.2016, Financial Services Department, Finance Ministry, Notification F. To suggest measures for implementation of NPS. No. 1/3/2016-PR DT has been announced. 31.1.2019, Article 1 (2) (x), 1 (2) (xi) and 1 (2) (xii) are as follows:

Returns for non-deposit or deferred deposit under National Pension System during 2004-12

(A) LL cases. Where NPS’s contributions were cut from the salary of the government employee, but the amount in the CRA system was not sent or late payment was made, the amount was for the employee’s NPS. In the account, the date can be filled with interest for that period. Employee NPS At the time of the account, the GPF was deducted from the date applicable to the yearly rate, as applicable.

(B) In the cases where NPS contributions were not deducted from government employee salary for any period during 2004-2012, the employee will now be given the option of depositing the amount of employee contributions. If he chooses to contribute a contribution Now, the amount can be credited to a single amount or monthly installments. Deposits can be deducted from government employee’s pay and its NPS Deposits are credited to the account. As per the mandatory mandate of the employee, income tax can be eligible for tax receipt under the Act.

(C) In all cases where government contributions were not made to the CRS system or late payment (whether employee contribution has been reduced or not), the amount of government contributions will be paid to the employee’s NPS. Can be given with interest in the account. From the date on which the government’s contribution is issued from the date up to date, the employee’s NPS Amount of amount in the account, as applicable from time to time GPF applied. These effects can be issued by the account / Controller General of Accounts. All such cases of delay can be solved during a three-month period.

3. In relation to the above provisions of the proposed notification. 31.1.2019, all ministries / departments must ensure that
Decisions, which are included as it relate to the issue related to the delayed credit issue of the NPS contribution in the CRS system, is done in consultation with the concerned financial advisors and the respective pensions accounting organizations in consultation with the central government employees under their administrative rights. Regarding the Central Civil Ministries / Departments, Railway Accounts, Post Department Employees and Telecommunication Division and Defense Citizens in the context of the Ministry of Railways, the accounts of the Railway Accounts, Controller General of Accounts, in the context of the Consular General’s Defense Accounts.

4. The notification dated 31.1.2019, before the aforesaid above, stated that its method of implementation is similar to pension accounting institutions and therefore for this purpose, the Controller’s Office will be the nodal organization to place the general model of this department’s account. Accordingly, the Controller General of Accounts office will present guidelines for the purpose. The respective financial adviser will be the central point of purpose for the related ministries / divisions.

5. Potential Ministries / Departments need information and information from NSDL, central record keeping agency, to make the above decision regarding employees under their administrative domain. Therefore, to simplify such procedures by the Ministries / Departments, the CRA will look into all the records covered in its record and the above notification under the aforesaid DAT. 31.1.2019, it will pass on employee-detailed details