Subject: Simplifying Pensions – Regarding retirement of a government employee with pension papers and submission of PPO booklet to the pensioners by the hand of office – Reg.

The scheme for pension payments to the Central Government’s Civil Pensioners by the authorized banks issued by the Central Pension Accounting Office provides a pledge to submit pension dubbersing bank to a government employee / pensioner retired by a retired government employee / pensioner before the start of the pension. The pensioner returns or receives any amount well for which he is not entitled.

2. In view of the aforesaid pension and pensioners welfare department, its OM No. 1/27/2011-P and PW (E) dated 07.05.2014 which is the OM by this office. Dated CPAO / Tech / Simplification / 2014-15 / 53 dated 28.05.2014. These provisions are as follows:

It has been decided that the first payment of the pension after retirement is mainly delayed for two reasons. One, the delay in obtaining notification by the pensioner or the pension papers has reached the bank and two delay on the part of the pensioner is to present the bank with the order.
The required  can be obtained by the head of the office along with Form 5 and other documents before his retirement from a retired government employee. This undertaking will be forwarded to the Pension Debrising Bank with the payment of a pension payment by the Accounts Officer / CPAO after the normal procedure.
The pensioner will no longer need to visit the bank to activate the first payment of the pension. Therefore, after the copy of the bank has been sent by the Central Pension Accounting Office, the Pensioner’s pensioner (PPO)’s copy of the pensioner can be given at the time of retirement with the remaining amount of retirement. In all these cases it is possible where the government employee submitted pension papers in the time limit given in the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972.
However, if an employee posts a post at the head office of the head of the office or because of any other reason it is more convenient to get a copy of his PPO from the bank, he can report to the head of the office. Their option in writing while submitting their pension papers.

3. The head of the Pay and Account Office / Office should not wait for a copy of the PPO for copying the PPO (SSA) with the copy of its PPI with the remaining amount of other retirement to the retired government employee. . PAO / HO can confirm the PPO’s copy of the banks by visiting the CPAO website, – see your PPO status.

4. It has been observed that the part of the pensioner of the pensioner has not been transferred to the pensioner, but it has been transferred to the CPAO. Is sent to the bank by It appears that timelines for submission of finalization of pension cases specified in the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 are not followed by HO / PaoO.

5. All Q. CCA / CCA / CAS / AG (with independent charge) / JS (Administration) is requested to issue instructions to all Pay and Accounts offices / Head of Officers under their jurisdiction so that the timely pension papers can be introduced so that proper procedure is followed. . The timeline for the cancellation of pension cases fixed in the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 has been linked to this.

These issues with the approval of Chief Controller (Pension)