As you have already stated, under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary on 13/04/2016, the National Council (JCM) meeting was held. Aidiff is represented by Comrades C. Srikumar, K. It was done by Balakrishnan and RS Reddy. Following the initial comment by Cabinet Secretary, Staff Sair raised the following issues:

The 47th meeting of the National Council (ICM) is called by the Chairman after 9 years. Last i E. The 46th meeting of the National Council (JCM) was held on May 15, 2010. General council meetings of the National Council will often be required under JCM Scheme, and not less than one in four months. Special meetings can also be called by the chairman or on the request of a staff side. Unfortunately, only 7 seats have been organized between 1999 and date, which means that within 20 years the National Council is only 7 times of its meeting. There is clear evidence of violation and reduction of the JCM scheme. Because JCM’s National Council is not functioning, JCM is not going to be a Divisional Conference under the chairmanship of the respective departments. Therefore, I request the Chairman to take a serious note of the situation and the decision to keep the regular meetings of the National Council, its Standing Committee and the Departmental Council JCM Meetings, and this decision can be shared to all departments.
When the JCM scheme came into effect from 1966, all non-gadgetized employees were allowed to participate in the JCM scheme. However, this class has been exempted from the JCM scheme in Group B for the upgradation of Group B’s various Group C. Staff Side seeks to review it and take into consideration all non-gadgetized employees without the permission to participate in the JCMM scheme.
In the past, due to repeated discussions in National Council JCM, Cabinet Secretary D.O. Prior to seeking the advice of staff side of the departmental council of privatization, outsourcing and closure, dowrying, corporate development, intelligence, etc., the letter to all the secretaries, whose decision is kept in mind while formulating the decision of such a policy. However, for the privatization of work done by permanent railway ministry, defense, printing and permanent employees by stationery, postal and other departments, the decision to close many units is taken. This resulted in total labor unrest and series movements. The planning including the strike proceedings is requested so that all these activities against the interest of the workers can be closed immediately and the issue can be discussed in the JCM Meetings, a Divisional Conference with Staff Side.
After presenting the recommendation of the seventh CPC, the central government employees were disappointed and the 7th CPC was dissatisfied because the staff side did not take into consideration the minimum salary and related fitment factor. The 7th CPC also rejected our demand for scrapping the NPS implemented for the recruitment staff on or after 1/2/2004. The National Coordination Council of Central Government employees in the backdrop issued an indefinite strike notice to the government. A meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Honorable Home Minister Mr. Chairman. Rajnath Singh, in which three other senior ministers including finance minister and railway minister were also present. The meeting took place on June 30, 2016 and on the basis of the assurances given by senior ministers, the demands of central government employees will be considered by the High Level Committee, the strike was postponed. It is unfortunate that the commitment given to the NGCA has never been honored and dissatisfaction with the central government’s work still exists. So the government is requested that the commitment of the ministers’ group can be honored in the letter and spirit and the government can come forward to restore negotiations with NJC to reach the agreement on the following demands. – a. Minimum salary and fitness factor WFF 1.1.2006 – B. CPS Scrapping of NPS and restoration of guaranteed pension under section 1972 (Pension) Rules – C. Option no. 1 recommended by 7th CPC for retired employees before 01/01/2016.
Staff Side Represents Representative to give a further option to switch from the next date to the 7th CPC’s Pale scale scale. Although there are no financial variations, the Department of Expenditure does not extend the benefits. This issue is considered to be convenient.
Despite the government orders to pay an entry fee to the employees promoted on or before the proposed 1/1/2006 for direct recruitment in the pay band, some sections of the department have not yet been implemented in many departments for their explanation.