Sub: April 11, 2019 – NFIR Meeting with Chairman of the Regular Railway Board.

Affiliates are advised that NFIR leaders (President, General Secretary and Joint Chief Secretary Shri B.C. Sharma), Railway Board Chairman Shri V.K. On April 11, 2019, Yadav discussed and discussed the following topics: –

(A) LARGEES: Staff wards of the selected security category need to be appointed before October 27, 2017.

CRB response: This matter is implemented every day to find a solution to the problem of legal opinion / AG’s opinion to solve the problem.

NFIR saw that the board of railways is currently awaiting approval for approval of the appointment of wards.

(B) The quasi administrative unit staff: The number of CRB noticed in the NBI register was notified on 12/03/2011 and on 12/03/2011 it was requested It was noticed that the Railway Board QS Administrative Unit staff exploits the exploitation that the staff is appointed by JJ Grade is not less than grade, managed by the order governed by the officer.

CRB response: CRB said that he will again investigate this matter.

(C) Zonal Railway Status to Metro Rail, Kolkata – RPF Division:

NFIR explained that all the departments of the metro rail, the general manager, are fully functional under full control of the metro rail, while the RRF Division of the Eastern Railway of the Division of Metro Rail is continuing and in this context, NFIR said that General Manager, Metro Rail, Kolkata had written to Railway Board of Kolkata Railway Metro Rail RPF Wing for independent zonal railway status.

CRB has promised to take necessary steps to treat RPF department as independent zonal railway institution under the command of PCSC, Metro Rail, Kolkata and independent manager of Metro Rail, under full control of Metro Rail.

(D) On the basis of his request, the RPF minister deployed other departments of staff – implementation of the decision came in the joint session:

NFIR reminded the request to grant CRB’s letter to the letter and the round behind the case on 11/02/2016.

CRB said the papers are with them and the matter is being taken into consideration.

It is up to the information of the affiliates to communicate to the field staff.